Dear Big Wheel enthusiasts! We’d like to address the sickly elephant in the room and give it some space and respect. At this time Bring Your Own Big Wheel is proceeding as planned. Everything is in place for a successful event and unless things drastically change with the city of SF we will not cancel the event. Let me say that our ears are to the ground with all available information and of course should things change, we will update this site and get the word out. I know many people who fly in and have serious plans at stake so we won’t delay getting info out if fate puts the kibosh on this year’s fun.

So many art, cultural, educational and community events are being canceled and the potential hit to society is strong right now. It’s a fine line between safe and cautious versus cutting a b@tch while toilet paper stockpiling for armageddon (I’m looking at you Australia). It is of the utmost importance for us to stay rational and compassionate right now. You know, human.

We will have extra hand sanitizer at the registration table as well as near the portopotties. But you should bring your own because this hoarding sitch is getting ridiculous and who knows if our delivery will be delayed.

All that said, be a responsible Big Wheeler. If you feel like you are coming down with something, just stay home and watch old BYOBW videos. There will always be next year. We got you fam.

And here’s the event info again for those who need it:

*We still need donations as we always seem to be about $1800-$2k short this time of year. We will have some amazing patches for donations this year and have a plan B for getting them out if the delivery is delayed or the event is nixed. But in the mean time: DONATE please and thank you!

This year’s info! Note: START AND END TIME ARE CHANGING!

When: April 12, 2020
Time: EARLIER START TIME! Kids Only 2pm-3pm, Adult Children 3pm-5pm
Where: Vermont St at 20th in beautiful Potrero Hill
Rules: Plastic Wheels Only, Tape up your metal spokes / pegs. And it would be lovely if ya’ll could leave the rolling trash cans and office chairs at home.
Read: Our Code of Conduct and Frequently Asked Questions
Still have questions: Email!

Online registration should be open in a few weeks before the event but you can always just show up day of and sign up. Here’s that DONATE link again. Also, if you love rolling in the hay and want to volunteer, shoot us an email with Volunteer in the subject line.


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