I’ve been waffling about posting since we still haven’t had the official street closure permit hearing yet. Honestly, eek! It’s the latest ever scheduled (likely February 8th! Just heard this week that it is in fact January 25th!) even though I gave them $1200 buckaroos and submitted the application months ago. I’ve been told this is normal with special event permitting and we shouldn’t have anything to worry about from SFMTA so I’ve been doing the usual planning dance of turning donations into toilets and park officers and insurance and hay….hay there!

Basically this post is a place holder to get you excited about BYOBW 2024 – the 22nd Annual BYOBW!

The important questions are:

When: March 31, 2024 – Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Time: Kids 13 and under roll 2pm-3pm, Adult Children ride from 3pm-5pm

Where: Vermont St at 20th in beautiful Potrero Hill

Please DONATE: Costs continue to rise. We are determined to keep this event free for those who need it as well as free of corporate branding and product advertising. That means this event is truly powered by YOU dear riders, and my side gigs petsitting, and of course our favorite long time donor Bob. 

**Please use “Send to Friends n Family” option when donating because that’s what we are! In addition to the thousands spent on permits, insurance, EMTs, toilets, required officers from 2 city departments, hay and more…one new cost is this year is $150 just to have our mandatory safety plan reviewed by the City, sheesh!

More info will be posted when the permit hearing happens, including the registration link. But feel free to peruse the Code of Conduct and Frequently Asked Questions and reach out with any questions to the BYOBW Crew!