20th Anniversary Spin

Registration is closed! 

This is an updated post from January. The event costs have been added down yonder so you can see where we are with donations.

Is it really happening? Will we really have the hay in our eyes and skid marks on our butts again soon? In January we received approval for the 2022 street closure for the BYOBW 2022! This will be officially the 20th Anniversary!

Who did that awesome Big Wheel gif? It’s a design from old school Big Wheeler Chris Sherrod.

Here’s the TL:DR (too long, didn’t read) for those with short attention spans: 

When: April 17, 2022 – Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Time: Youngins 13 and under Ride 2pm-3pm, Adult Children 3pm-5pm

Where: Vermont St at 20th in beautiful Potrero Hill

When does registration start on site? Around 12noonish Volunteers will be able to check you in and issue wristbands. Be nice to them, some of them are our moms!

RIDESHARE DROP OFF: Please have your mom or stranger drop you off one block away ideally at 20th and San Bruno Av or 20th and Kansas St so cars don’t clog the road at Vermont St.

Rules: Read up, Sign a waiver, Get a wristband to ride. Don’t be a jerk.

We really request no rubber wheels / metal frames or bikes larger than big wheels but if it’s all you got FOR BOB’S SAKE TAPE UP YOUR METAL SPOKES AND PEGS. We like riders to go home with all the fingers they arrived with. And it would be lovely if ya’ll could leave the rolling trash cans and office chairs at home.

CLEAN  UP YOUR GARBAGE: We have to pay to remove all the garbage, recylcing and compost from the event. The city does not remove it for us. If you can take yours back home, that’d be grand.

NO DOGS PLEASE: The event area is congested with screaming people, uneven ground and most importantly the sounds of a bazillion rolling wheels. We love dogs and that’s why we think the event is not fun for them. Imagine yourself 1-2 feet tall, surrounded by strangers legs, being subjected to *that sound*. 

Read: Our Code of Conduct and Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions: Email!

DONATE: Costs are up, give if you are able. **Please use “Send to Friends n Family” option when donating because that’s what we are and although BYOBW is not a non-profit yet, all donations go into their own account to cover costs. The awesome 20th anniversary patch will be available for donation at the event as well as the now collectible wristband from the year that never was, because your heart was there anyway. As always, steeekers are free to riders. 

SAFETY THIRD (just kidding, always first): Please be mindful of the local health safety guidelines that may be in existence at the time of the event and be kind to your fellow riders whatever their choice. Don’t lick strangers, we aren’t there yet. And the cool thing about covering your face is that you won’t inhale the hay flying around. As some, like me, who are allergic to hay that’s nothing to sneeze about.

SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES! Here are some great local places to stop before or after the event and pick up snacks or pre/post event beverages and meals. Chiotras Grocery is just a walk around the corner at 858 Rhode Island and Good Life Grocery is just a few blocks up 20th Street near Connecticut. Connecticut Yankee bar / restaurant at 17th and Connecticut said they are having a Mario Kart themed day with specials. Thee Parkside, also on 17th and at Wisconsin is punk rock and bar food. If pizza is your jam, Goat Hill Pizza at 18th and Connecticut is a go-to for riders as well. Next Level Burger at 17th and Rhode Island (to-go only) has the best vegan burgers and shakes in town and super quick service.

⇒IS VENDING ALLOWED AT THE EVENT: NO. There is no vending of any kind inside the park and street closure. It’s BYO Everything.⇐

ISO BEEFY HUMANS FOR HAY SLINGING: Still seeking a few reliable and physically capable humans to help us place hay bales along the course and move them back after the event. 2 hour commitment pre or post event. Email: Volunteer!

Now on to the longer ramble:

I really do want to hug each and every one of you weirdos. We’ve been through some dark times and it will be good to get back in the undersized plastic saddle. I hope all of you and your families are doing as OK as possible considering how freaktastic these past couple of years have been.

Lemme tell ya though, the city is not as friendly to events as in the “before times”. This year we had a rude awakening to the increased street closure permit cost of $1100! It has always been in the $600 range until now so I nearly upchucked my burrito when I found out how much more we were going to have to fork over JUST to be given the street (and then have to pay for all the other requirements).  And in 2020 we didn’t even get our $600 back when we had to cancel the event. I’m still sore about that. Well, turns out we have a friend in Bob, a long time BYOBW fan who generously stepped in to help with that monetary hurdle. And he shares the same name as my cat so he must be a solid human. In fact, we’ve had several fans with very big hearts who have given large amounts to keep the wheels rolling. We currently have a little bit to go and we’ve been able to carry some costs over. In a perfect world we could raise enough funds to pay for the event next year, but we’ve been managing this long so where there’s a will there’s a way!

Update on the hay bale pricing: due to the whole world being turned inside out the cost for hay has gone up $600 but I’m happy to note that if it doesn’t rain, our friends at the Equine Rescue Center will be able to use our donated bales after the event.

Here’s that super low brow screen cap of the budget spreadsheet I promised you:

WhatCost 2022
SFMTA Permit Application$1,100.00$500.00
Parks & Rec Permit Application$72.00$6.00
BYOBW Org Tax Filing$388.00$0.00
Wireless Radios for safety crew$375.05$35.00
No-Parking Signs (required by city)$606.00$42.00
Emergency Staff (EMTs)$500.00$250.00
Hay Bails$2,997.27$624.27
A lot but totally worth it
orange fencing, supplies$0.00
SFPD Officers$994.32$68.00
Parks & Rec Officers + Event Bond$1,612.00$34.00
Website Hosting$158.00$8.00
*Pizza For Reg Crew$180.00$0.00
Total Cost For 2022 Event:$11,820.64
Donations from 2020-2022$9,600.00
Hump Needed for 2022:$2,220.64

Questions? Feel free to email.

Here’s that DONATE link again.

XO We’re still here San Francisco. XO

Example of homemade trike with spokes taped up. We always have tape on hand but it will save you some time if you do it at home.

This person kindly taped up their finger slicers before riding.