When: April 09, 2023 – Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Time: Youngins 13 and under Ride 2pm-3pm, Adult Children 3pm-5pm

Where: Vermont St at 20th in beautiful Potrero Hill

Registration online is officially open! Do it here!

When does registration start on event day? Around 12noonish the registration volunteers will be able to check you in and issue wristbands. Be nice to them, some of them are our moms!

WE NEED BEEFY HUMANS FOR HAY SLINGING: Still seeking a few reliable and physically capable humans to help us place hay bales along the course. 2 hour commitment 10am – 10pm-sh the morning of the event and from 5pm-6pm after the event. Email: Volunteer!

Please donate if you are able! This year’s costs are the highest ever ($12,658 so far not including supplies for cleaning up hay, compared to $11,701 from last year. We have the usual +/- $2K deficit we hope to recover at the event. We will have previous editions of patches available at the event for donation and as always free stickers! This year’s sticker is super rad.

HOW TO DO THIS: Read: Code of Conduct and Frequently Asked Questions, Sign a waiver, Get a wristband to ride. Don’t be a jerk.

RIDESHARE DROP OFF: Please have your mom or stranger you paid or creepy robot car drop you off one block away ideally at 20th and San Bruno Av or 20th and Kansas St so cars don’t clog the intersection at Vermont St.

We really request no rubber wheels / metal frames or bikes larger than big wheels but if it’s all you got FOR BOB’S SAKE TAPE UP YOUR METAL SPOKES AND PEGS. We like riders to go home with all the fingers they arrived with. And please leave the rolling trash cans and office chairs at home.

CLEAN UP YOUR GARBAGE: We have to pay to remove all the garbage, recycling and compost from the event. The city does not remove it for us. If you can take yours back home, that’d be grand. If you can help us clean after the event you’d be our best friend!

NO VENDING, NO SOUND SYSTEMS: We do not have an amplified sound permit or vending permit for the street closure or park areas.

NO DOGS PLEASE: The event area is congested with screaming people, uneven ground and most importantly the sounds of a bazillion rolling wheels. We love dogs and that’s why we think the event is not fun for them.

Read: Our Code of Conduct and Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions: Email!

DONATE: Costs are up, give if you are able. **Please use “Send to Friends n Family” option when donating because that’s what we are and although BYOBW is not a non-profit yet, all donations go into their own account to cover costs. The last of the 20th anniversary patches will be available for donation at the event as well as the now collectible wristband from the year that never was, because your heart was there anyway. As always, steeekers are free to riders. 

SAFETY THIRD (just kidding, always first): DO NOT cross the course during the event. There’s a high chance you could get knocked on your head and although we are 0.4 miles from General Hospital, we really don’t want to have to call the wee-woo van for you to go to the ER. Also, lick strangers at your own risk because covid is still a thing. 

SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES! Here are some great local places to stop before or after the event and pick up snacks or pre/post event beverages and meals. Chiotras Grocery is just a walk around the corner at 858 Rhode Island and Good Life Grocery is just a few blocks up 20th Street near Connecticut. Connecticut Yankee is a long established bar and restaurant at 17th and Connecticut. Thee Parkside, also on 17th and at Wisconsin is punk rock and bar food. If pizza is your jam, Goat Hill Pizza at 18th and Connecticut is a go-to for riders as well. Next Level Burger at 17th and Rhode Island has the best vegan burgers, tots and shakes in town and super quick service. 

⇒IS VENDING ALLOWED AT THE EVENT: NO. There is no vending of any kind inside the park and street closure. It’s BYO Everything. Want to be a rude, aggressive person selling puppies in the parking lot like last year? Do it outside of the street closure! ⇐