Please be advised, if you are participating in BYOBW you need to register online or print out the participant waiver here and bring it with you to the event.

You will be expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct below:

As a participant of BYOBW, I understand that I must follow these rules to stay in good standing with the event and if I act like a jerk I may be asked to leave.

  • Safety first! Be aware of your surroundings and respect other riders and spectators and do your best to “do no harm.”
  • Spectators should stay behind the curbs and hay bales and not cross the course during the event.
  • According to local law, all permitted events are non-smoking events. Understand that you can be cited for this offense.
  • Use of drugs and alcohol during the event and in the park and street closure is not allowed.
  • Show respect to the BYOBW crew who are running the event.
  • Pack out ALL the garbage you brought AND take your Big Wheel home. Do not leave your broken ride for us to deal with.
  • Use designated trash bags if they are available and USE THE PORTO-POTTIES, not the trees.
  • Be courteous to neighbors who need access to their homes during the event.

We’ll also be requiring you to sign a racing waiver, which you can read and submit online or download and print here.