Note: This post has been updated since March when we first learned that the event had to be canceled.

Unfortunately, due to the current public health concerns and restrictions on group gatherings in San Francisco until sigh, May or June or who the heck knows now… Bring Your Own Big Wheel cannot happen as planned. Needless to say we are gutted. But this is an absolutely necessary sacrifice so we are just rolling with it as we do. Puns aside, we want everyone to take hand washing and social distancing seriously, and when you do need to go out, slap a mask on that purdy face of yours. We want ALL big wheelers and their families safe, healthy and ready for next year.

We have decided to postpone until 2021 and plan to use this time to recoup costs and get super excited for next year. Speaking of recouping costs, we are still poking the PoPo to refund the $983 pre-paid for SFPD officers. Other costs, like to Rec and Park, are being forwarded to next year so we don’t have to pay twice. We may end up having to eat the $660 SFMTA street closure permit fee BUT we have Bob from the North Bay to thank for donating a fat chunk of change to cover nearly all of that. Thanks Bob! BYOBW will be ok til next year.

If you want to kick in some dollars for future BYOBWs, donate here and for $20 you can get a little swag bundle (patch, sticker, wristband) when we can get them together next month. Just remember to put your address in the notes field. We may have a commemorative poster sometime during the year and we’ll update the site if it happens.

More importantly right now, reach out and help those who are less fortunate as they are seriously struggling at this point. Thousands of workers in the labor and service industries have been laid off and as we all know unemployment doesn’t even come close to covering necessities. Buy someone’s weekly groceries or get their family a meal. Get creative! And of course support your local businesses, buy gift certificates to use later, get takeout dinner, and don’t forget to tip the living crap out of delivery drivers and people making your food or providing your services. Speaking as an essential worker myself, none of us want to be out there, we are just trying to stay afloat on very unsteady seas.

Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of our wheels and the tops of my truck tire buns for your understanding and continued support. Please be sensible and kind to yourself and to everyone with whom you interact. BYOBW is all about community so we know y’all will take that to heart.