It’s sometimes hard to believe we’ve been at this for so many years. I joined the BYOBW rider fold in the early aughts and in 2007 it was discovered that I was somewhat adept at the administrative bullcrap this event has to manage and well, here we are in the 20s. Sorry about the website still being stuck in the 00s *snort* but if there’s one thing that can be said about me is that for better or worse, I’m steeped in retro.

Now I’ll just cut to the exciting part where I tell you that the city permit hearing was online again (with no one’s video showing which is hecka weird), and BYOBW received our permit with no objection and also the lovely comment that the special event officials haven’t heard any complaints.

This year has seemingly flown by and we are currently deep in the “throwing money at all the things” part of the process. The cost of the street closure permit was doubled again this year ($1150 instead of $550), hay bales are likely still up hundreds of dollars, and new for this year: we will need to pay a work crew to help load up and move the hay bales post event. A small group of us was out there again until 10pm that night dealing with the hay, one of whom is a beautiful human who was out busting their ass to get the street clear while 7 months pregnant. Yep, it’s time to pay some professionals a good wage to get the Vermont curves cleared of hay before dark. So yeah, please throw some funds our way pre-event if you are so inclined. Shout out again to our long time supporter Bob who kicks us a huge donation each year.

Stay tuned for online registration…and I promise the QR code will work properly at the event this year. In the meantime read the Code of Conduct and get your trike and costume ready!

Jump in, the water is fiiiine. Long time rider and supporter Glenn and Company.