I was too exhausted to take a post-event video of how squeaky clean the park and street were on Monday but trust me, the hard working volunteers and yours truly made sure that no evidence was left from our merry making and mayhem on Sunday. Thank you all for another hilarious and belly-sore-from-laughing event! BYOBW was another resounding success! Personal faves: Pickle in a Beret and Shower Guy. Did ya’ll see Sourdough Sam? It really was the actual mascot for the 49ers, no joke! It was his second year!

One of our long time racers and photographers is graciously offering the proceeds from her shots to offset costs for next year, so check out the info and link below. It’s rad that the BYOBW community is full of such giving people.

2018 Is About To Roll

Greetings Racers! My name is Gloria, and I was am a professional photographer and racer who was shooting at this years BYOBW event!  I shot photos before the events started, the entire children’s race and for about an hour of the main event. All of the photos can be found here:


I have cut the pricing on my photos dramatically (by 70%!) to encourage everyone to buy!! Proceeds from the sales of these photos will go right back to the BYOBW Crew to off set the costs of next year’s event!! Each photo is only $5 – they are all downloads – un-watermarked. There are three galleries and each gallery’s images are broken down into smaller galleries broken down by every 15 minutes to make searching easier for you.  Very simple process of placing the images you want in your shopping cart by either clicking the cart or the button “buy” – when you are done, check out and pay by credit card – then a link is sent to you to download a zip file of your images. AFTER you purchase, if you are downloading on a tablet or portable device (phone) and don’t have an unzip program already installed, you can email me at:  snap@quicksnap.com and I will be happy to put your images into a dropbox where you can download them individually!

See everyone next year!!