BYOBW Needs Your Help

BYOBW Needs Your Help

Hi everyone! First off, thank you so much for all your support. We’ve received a steady stream of donations, some of which have been quite generous. A big shout out to Keith G., your contribution literally kept the event alive.

Our grand total is currently $2260 and we decided we are going to make BYOBW 2014 happen, even if it means going into debt. Why? Because we love the event just as much as you.

Haven’t donated yet? Want to donate more? CLICK HERE or use the button to the right of this blog entry.

Here’s the updated breakdown of the costs to date. We are stoked the Park and Rec costs aren’t going up this year, but we still have to find out about insurance and SFPD.  Please continue to pass this quietly around your Big Wheel loving family and friends. We have just a month to go before we roll!

What:Cost 2013Cost 2014Cost Increase
SFMTA Permit Application$522$522
Parks & Rec Permit$50$50
Insurance$498unknown increase
Wireless Radios for safety crew$207.26$394.88$187.62
No-Parking Signs (required by city)$379$379
Emergency Staff (EMTs)$180$240$60
Hay Bails$578.94$1000$401.26
orange fencing, supplies$154$154
SFPD Officers$400unknown increase
Parks & Rec Officers$1410$1410Yay! No Increase!
Website Hosting$119$119
Total without increases:$6034.28
Total with known increases:$6979.16
What we have so far:$2268
What we still need:$4711.16 +