Hey kids, we know this is super last minute but we have been tasked with paying $1333.17 for 2 SFPD officers to monitor the event. We’ve never been asked to pay this before, but the money is due TODAY! We knew that some of the costs this year might exceed our donations from you guys, but this one puts us as organizers in dangerous territory of ourselves being on the hook potentially for atleast a few thousand dollars.

Please donate as much as you can this year (donate here).

We don’t want to charge for this event. So please donate what you can.

For a breakdown of all the costs we incur for this event (go here).

Sheesh, who would have thought that a picnic in the park and riding a Big Wheel down a street would cost so much money! Thanks in advance you awesome, awesome people!

And thanks to those who have already donated to us this year online and to those who have donated in the past. You know we don’t like to ask for money, but we’re in a pickle this year. Love you guys!