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Twelfth times the charm? A dirty dozen of big wheels? Whatever. BYOBW 12 IS TOTALLY ON!!!! And because we’re so thoughtful, we’ve added online registration at this link! Oh and don’t forget to check our FAQ if you’re new to the insanity… I mean event….

April 8th, 2012
20th and Vermont Street
San Francisco, CA

Registration Opens (or you know, do it digitally to save time. Online Reg end at midnight on April 7th. You can still race, but you have to sign a waiver day that day. A total drag. So do it online. NOW.)

We’re recommending a $5 donation that you can do through our PayPal account or on the day of the race (you’ll get asked in our confirmation e-mail, sorry). We don’t like asking for it, but it looks like we’re going to be short a $1,000 this year if we don’t. None of the organizers make money on this thing, we do it cause you love it. So if you got anything you can spare, it will go to good use. And you can check out our list of expenses at this link.

Ceremonial Kids Lap (for the litttttle kids)
Adults full on crazy race (right after the kids. If you’re under 18 and your parents signed a waiver for you, hey, it’s all on you, dude.)

Race Ends/Clean up

Oh and did we mention that reg is available online FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER HE WROTE IN CAPS!!!

This is a pack it in/pack it out event everyone! Please! Whatever trash you bring, take it home so we can keep the park and street amazing and continue to be allowed back every year!

Police will be out checking ID’s for underage drinking! So, per our usual request, don’t drink.

STILL TOTALLY FREE, but we love donations to help cover increasing yearly costs (port-o-potties, insurance, permits…. but again TOTALLY Free. If you love us as much as we know you do we’d love $5 bill, spare change, $2 bills, Mexican pesos, South Korean won, and if the one lady that came last year that only watched but gave us $20 could come again, ma’am you are a saint, we love you. Hope to see you this year. Lastly STILL TOTALLY FREE, but we love cash based affection.)