byobw_edited_scan_2First off, I’d like to remind everyone reading our site that we do not want news about the event or our fundraising efforts posted to large lists, public facing sites or through news media. We DO NOT want a bigger crowd as it will max out the neighborhood and kill the event.

Secondly, holy cow! Thanks everyone for donating! We are at around half our goal! We’ve received a lot of love from Big Wheelers and neighbors and it truly is keeping us afloat. Over the past week we’ve paid for insurance (which went up several hundred dollars), wristbands, staff radios and our required Park and Rec officers. Our next big hurdles are the portopotties (thanks to Captain Obvious from Colorado for making a huge donation towards them!) and hay bales (which as you can see from our cost breakdown aren’t cheap).

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Here’s the updated breakdown of the costs to date.  Please continue to pass this quietly around your Big Wheel loving family and friends. OMG we are less than two weeks away!

What:Cost 2013Cost 2014Cost Increase
SFMTA Permit Application$522$522
Parks & Rec Permit$50$50
Wireless Radios for safety crew$207.26$394.88$187.62
No-Parking Signs (required by city)$379$379
Emergency Staff (EMTs)$180$240$60
Hay Bails$578.94$1000$401.26
orange fencing, supplies$154$154
SFPD Officers$400unknown increase
Parks & Rec Officers$1410$1410Yay! No Increase!
Website Hosting$119$119
Total without increases:$6034.28
Total with known increases:$7222.46
What we have so far:$3748.00
What we still need:$3474.46