An excellent photo from 2015. capturing the multitudes of hilariousness at the event.

Where and when is the event this year? The same place and time it always is: Vermont Street at 20th Easter Sunday.

KIDS HOUR is from 3pm-4pm! Adult Kids roll 4pm-6pm. REGISTER IN ADVANCE .

Read the FAQ and the rider Code Of Conduct

Remember! Kids 12 and under ride a whole hour: 3pm-4pm (with legal guardian permission and supervision).We’ll need all of your cooperation to make this happen. That means clearing the street and being patient while the smaller humans have their time.

PLEASE DONATE TO EVENT COSTS! – The event costs around 9K to produce and we are against charging mandatory entrance fees. We have super cool patches this year for donations over $10! Of course you get a free sticker as always.

NO METAL SPOKES, PEGS OR PIECES OF METAL STICKING OUT OF YOUR RIG. If you have metal spokes or pegs you will be asked to tape them up, which is a pain in the butt to do. Plan accordingly. This event is all about making a fool out of yourself on a child’s plastic wheeled toy, not accidentally slicing or impaling you or your fellow riders.

No Smoking & No Alcohol – our city permits mandate a NO SMOKING AND NO ALCOHOL EVENT. We have to tell you that as well as post signs. There will be Park Rangers and SFPD on site.

Please be respectful of neighbors, only roll on the street closure and always use the portapotties! There are potties at the top and bottom of the course.

CLEANUP: Our event is a “Pack it In, Pack it Out” event. Meaning, we are not your mother so pick up your garbage and take it home with you. If you bring out a bunch of snacks and a plastic trike and you don’t go home with your garbage and EVERY PIECE of that trike that your oversized butt smashed into the pavement, well, you are a bad person.

Parking sucks – Take Muni or carpool

P.S. Have an awesome time!