Turning it up to 11

  • It’s official! After months of work and mountains of paperwork* the race is on! Come hell or high water (literally, weather.com says it’s supposed to rain) BYOBW ’11 is happening!

    April 24th, 2011
    20th and Vermont Street
    San Francisco, CA

    Registration Opens (download the waiver! a must have!)
    Easter Egg Hunt (for the kids)

    Ceremonial Kids Lap (for the litttttle kids)
    Adults full on crazy race (right after the kids. Basically, if you can survive a crash, that’s you)

    Race Ends/Clean up

    Make everyone’s lives easier and please download the waiver for here and bring it in all ready filled out. You’ll get through to race much faster.

    If you don’t want your big wheel after the race and it is still in good shape, the San Francisco Fire Department will be on site to accept any big wheel they deem acceptable for future kid use. If they don’t want it, please, take it home to your trash can.

    This is a pack it in/pack it out event everyone! Please! Whatever trash you bring, take it home so we can keep the park and street amazing and continue to be allowed back every year!

    STILL TOTALLY FREE, but we love donations to help cover increasing yearly costs (port-o-potties, insurance, permits…. but again TOTALLY Free. If you love us as much as we know you do we’d love $5 bill, spare change, $2 bills, Mexican pesos, South Korean won, and if the one lady that came last year that only watched but gave us $20 could come again, ma’am you are a saint, we love you. Hope to see you this year. Lastly STILL TOTALLY FREE, but we love cash based affection.)


    * 30 pages is a mountain, right?

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