It’s almost time for Bring Your Own Big Wheel 2018! Here’s a short message and outline of costs this year, with swag options for donating pre-event. Please donate if you are able so we can keep the races free for all in need and corporate ad-free for evar!

Greetings fellow Big Wheel riders and enthusiasts! I hope all of you have fared well during the rest of Dumpster Fire 2017(TM) and are flying into 2018 with super hero powers, or at least with damn good coping mechanisms. IMHO (as the kids say), nothing can be a better antidote for what ails you than a hee-larious day of slide-rolling down *the* curviest street in San Francisco whilst wedged into a plastic trike meant for a three year old. I sincerely hope you and yours can join us this year on Sunday April 1st for one of the best days of the year, no joke!

The short deets:
When: April 1st 2018
Time: Kids Only 3-4pm, Adult Children 4-6pm
Where: Vermont St at 20th in beautiful Potrero Hill
Rules: Plastic Wheels Only, Tape up your metal spokes / pegs
Read: Our Frequently Asked Questions
Still have questions: Email Me

Now for the down and dirty transparency of our event costs. I’ve tapped all the remaining donations from last year and it’s time to seek donations again. Hey though, we are a grand ahead from what we were last year! See the table below for what we are looking at this year. I’ve heard from the lovely folks with City Grazing (they rent goats!) that they may be willing to help us out on hay costs this year. Hay gurl hay! But, that means we still need many ducats aka dollahs. To sweeten your donation inklings, we will finally have patches again! The rad circular design at the top of this message is now available as a 3x3in patch, sticker and smaller fridge magnet. I’d love to give everyone who can throw a $20 our way one of each item as well as a personal thanks for moi, your humble Big Wheel servant. And ermagherd isn’t this year’s design rad? I mean, why hasn’t this happened yet?

When you donate , *DON’T FORGET*, put a preferred mailing address in the notes on PP and I’ll pop a care package in the mail to you. Want a load of patches for your friends? Donate $20 and add an additional $5 for each patch you want but be sure to *communicate that in the notes on PP* Oh, I also have a few wristbands and stickers from recent previous years so I’ll throw some of those in as well. There’s a convenient donation button right below or on the BYOBW website.

Don’t have money but have time and tools to offer on race day? We definitely need more strong people to help with laying hay bales early in the day and picking them back up again after the event. Please email me!

That’s it for now young and old Jedis. Thanks again for helping make this one of the most (and one of the last) unique events in SF!

A wee bairn leads one of the kids heats down the hill in 2016. Photo Credit: Arin Fishkin, an amazing local artist, designer and all around lovely human.