BYOBW 2013 Kid Run, courtesy of Generik11

A big shout out to everyone who has kicked in so far for BYOBW 2017! Since the last post $1555 has come in, bringing our total costs down to $4215! There have been some really large donations too, ones that surprised the heck out of me and made me realize just how much this event means to all of us. Thank you kind and fun loving humans! And please, keep those donations coming (ye olde donation button is on the right side of this page). We aren’t quite over the scary hump yet.

For anyone still wondering, BYOBW will happen this year. It will definitely be a “crossing fingers that we eeek by” kinda thing, but two important things still stand: no mandatory entrance fees and no corporate branding / marketing in your face. Just the curvy street, our silly costumes and our awesome wheels.

New for this year! MORE KID TIME! Kids ride 3pm-4pm (with legal guardian permission and supervision).

Last year was a record year of attendance for actual kids (not counting adult children like myself). Normally there are one or two safer kid runs to kick off the event and then it’s all adults for the remaining time. The separation of the two is so that smaller kids can be assisted by their parents or if going alone, can enjoy the curves without a few hundred larger (adult) kids careening, sliding, flipping and slamming into them.  After seeing just how many youngsters wanted to keep riding I thought it would be fair to give them more time so we are going to have “kids only” from 3pm-4pm then the regular races from 4pm-6pm. Legal guardians must fill out a racer form (per child) and assume all responsibility for safety and possible injury. Think of encasing them in bubble wrap.

The usual:

As per our city permits there is NO ALCOHOL and NO SMOKING at public permitted events in San Francisco.

Our event is a “Pack it In, Pack it Out” event. Meaning, we are not your mother so pick up your garbage and take it home with you. Not listed on our costs is the time and energy we spend picking up and disposing of your garbage after BYOBW. It’s about 4 hours and by the end of it I’m a very fussy lady. If you bring out a bunch of snacks and a plastic trike and you don’t go home with your garbage and EVERY PIECE of that trike that your oversized butt smashed into the pavement well, you are a bad person.

Stay tuned for a more concise post about the event as well as taping up metal spokes and pegs on non-traditional trikes.