A very warm shout out to those who have donated so far! Here’s an update on all the boring yet essential puzzle pieces that together make this event happen. Also, VOLUNTEERS please hit me up if you can sling hay bales for a couple hours before or after the event.

Please donate! Since the last post we raised a little over $1500! Woo hoo! At present we are still in need of $3009. (Thank you Beth in Sac for your donation today!) Here are some of the larger costs that we need to cover and the ins and outs of them. I’m still hoping we can again squeak by and cover costs with a little buffer for next year. The little Big Wheel that could, eh?

Hay Bales! The cost of hay has gone up a few hundy this year but I’m happy to report that in switching our hay from rice straw to timothy, the bales will be going to a non-profit (or two) after the event.

Rec and Park Officers! I’m still waiting to hear back from the SF Rec and Park department that issues one of the two city permits we are required to have. I’ve got all my ducks in a row but it always makes me nervous to not have my eyes on their exact permit requirements. They usually have a minimum of 2 officers monitoring the park, which has cost us $1480 each year for the past four years so I’m hoping that number stays the same.

No Parking Signs: The ever increasing cost of the city no parking signs, sigh… in 2016 the required signs along Vermont St were $365 and in 2017 there was a HUGE jump to $622. Well this year they will be $699. I really hope that person who prints, labels and ties those signs on with string is getting a really really good wage.

Porto-poopers! Ending on a positive note, the cost of the porto-potties is $1,302 only increased by $54 this year. Woo hoo poo?

Online registration will open in the next week or so, be sure to refresh yourselves on the Code of Conduct and maybe commit to bringing one bag of garbage home with you. We have to truck all the garbage away ourselves and every little bit counts.

Til next time…