All participants MUST fill out and hand in the a release form to the BYOBW crew BEFORE you will be allowed to race. If you have the Internets and a printer, you can download it now and have it filled out so you don’t lose any time before you race! Download the PDF.

Why a Release Form?

In order to hold the race we have to get a permit. Permits require insurance which in turn requite that all participants of a sports event to fill out, which is why you should download the PDF and have it ready when you come to the race!

What if I don’t fill out the form?

You don’t ride. Plain and simple. We’ve got a lot more volunteers this year so we can actually enforce it. That is why you should download the PDF and bring it on Sunday.

Will there be release forms at the event?

Yes. But it’s much fast and easier if you just bring it with you all ready filled out. So download the PDF and be prepared for the fun!

How does this change the event?

It doesn’t. Same rules. Same event. All that we need is the form and then you can ride. We’ll be checking all riders and making sure that if you haven’t filled out a form you won’t be able to ride. So please, just download the f-ing PDF, bring it to us the day of the event and we’ll all be happy.