• Here are some common questions about BYOBW, if you don’t find your answer here

    Where/When does BYOBW take place?

    (Permit approval and ducks in a row providing) The race takes place at 20th and Vermont Streets in San Francisco, California at 4pm on Easter Sunday. Are we doing it this year? Probably. If all the paperwork goes through and there are no issues, then yes. If we get shut down, then no. There’s always a scary chance that the event can’t happen so if that sad fact is announced, we’ll need everyone to behave themselves and NOT try to make the event happen anyway. The SFMTA, SFPD and Rec and Park are all part of who we have to report to and we you don’t want to ruin the chances of us being able to have the event in the future.

    Is there an registration fee?

    BYOBW is brought to you completely free, but we do recommend a $5 donation that you can make on site or online at this link. The awesome BYOBW crew tends to front quite a bit of cash pre-event, but in the end it’s the racers and friends & family that so generously give. Think of us like a very poor version of NPR. If we got $5 from every person that raced, we’ve probably be able to not have to balance things on our credit cards. (yeah!)

    You can register for the event by signing up and accepting our digital release form. If you want a hard copy of it, you know, to remember us by you can also download that. And yes, we do have a way of making sure you filled it out, so please just take the 2 minutes it requires to fill the thing out so that we are covered by our insurance and can keep the fun up for years to come! If the online reg is having issues, you can always sign up the day of the event.

    Is there an age limit?

    Not specifically. Everyone is required to sign a waiver for insurance purposes. Our first couple “heats” are just for kids about 12 and under. Parents can roll down with their littles for those, some even tie ropes to their trikes and guide them slowly down. If you are under 18 you need your parents to sign one of our registration forms and then it’s really up to them if they feel comfortable letting you race down the hill. We’ve seen some kids as young as ten-years old bumping arms with the adults, but bare in mind it can be pretty dangerous. Wearing at least a helmet is recommended.

    Are there any rules?

    A huge safety rule to remind your parents, friends and family who are watching you roll is DO NOT CROSS THE STREET DURING THE EVENT. It’s not safe. You want to play Frogger? Go to an arcade (oh wait, this isn’t the 80s).

    We do have a Code of Conduct that you should check out here, but we’re not big on rules beyond that you should please only bring actual big wheels that are made of plastic with plastic wheels. Why? In the words of our founder, John Brumit, “IT SOUNDS WAY COOLER and control is overrated anyway.”

    We really prefer, No Metal Frames and absolutely no exposed metal spokes, pegs or wood that could impale you or fellow riders. You may be asked to tape up your spokes and sharp bits so save time and do it before you arrive.

    Should I drive to get there or is public transit best?

    This IS San Francisco and parking is INSANELY limited. We suggest that you take public transit, carpool or take a cab over. When parking in the neighborhood be respectful of driveways.

    Is there any safety gear I should bring?

    Recommended safety gear:

    • A helmet (brain buckets are important!)
    • Work gloves (pro-tip: use your hands on turns. gloves help to prevent them from getting cut up)
    • Elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards, bubble wrap has also been known to be used…
    • Goggles (the hay tends to fly around and get in your eyes)

    If you should get scraped up and need assistance, we have several EMTs on site to help.

    Will there be port-a-potties?

    Most def.  USE THEM and only put toilet paper and #1 or #2 in them. NOTHING ELSE. Please bring the recommended $5 donation so we can keep paying for them. 🙂

    Is there cool apparel I can buy?

    No. Sorry. Despite what this website might have you think, we actually try not to promote the event so that it stays a manageable size. Selling apparel would elevate us to a status we don’t want. Like Lollapalooza or whatever the thing is the kids like to do these days. Consider making your own DIY gear, handcrafted small batch organic gluten-free beard friendly. You know, the cool stuff.