Apologies for the late update, this week blessed one of the organizers with strep throat. Ouch! Donations have still been coming in and we will do a report out after the event to let everyone know where we stand. Portopotties and hay bales were paid for this week ($1400 and $1000), and we also paid for our required SFPD officers ($800).

The “No Parking” signs have been hung on Vermont Street with care, in anticipation of the Big Wheels, which will soon be there…

Unfortunately SF Gate and CBS local decided to post about the event, even after having read the blog. I guess getting the scoop and posting about “wacky things in SF” was more important to them than our request to stay under the popular radar. Sometimes you have to keep things on the down low to keep them alive.

Truly though, we are hoping the people who are torn between seeing the Sisters of  Perpetual Indulgence event in Golden Gate park will opt to go there this year.

Just to remind everyone:

  • Our event is required by law to be non-smoking (the green stuff too) and no alcohol. If you’d like to do these things, go to another event.
  • Everyone must submit a race registration form and receive a wristband. Registration check in and forms can be found at the registration table starting at 2pm. Don’t bother the reg folks until they’re ready. Also, we heard that some people weren’t receiving online registration notification. If this is the case, just print the form and bring it with you.
  • There is a “kids only” (under 12) race at around 3:50pm. Respect the little ones and let them get to the front of the crowd for their roll. Parents are requested to follow their kids down.
  • At 4pm the adult kids roll. We will have you rolling in heats of about 50 (because letting you go all at once would make one big log jam of clown wigs and bunny ears). Don’t worry, runs will go on for a couple hours so you have plenty of time to go again, and again, ad nauseam.
  • When you get to the bottom of the hill GET OUT OF THE WAY STAT. Go to the right, follow the actual trails up the hill and don’t trample any of the plants. Rec and Park officers will be keeping an eye on you.
  • Use the portopotties! We pay for them and you need to use them. Anyone caught using the bushes will be given a complimentary blue swirly by me. If you need to look up swirly in the urban dictionary, please do.
  • Take your garbage and broken trikes home with you! Every year we clean up your messes and take several truck loads to the dump. We aren’t your mother or your maid. If you bring it, take it home with you.
  • Spectators! Racers! Everyone! DO NOT CROSS THE TRACK DURING THE RACES! If you need to get from one side to another, go all the way down to the bottom and cross behind the finish line. This is for your own safety!
  • Lost and found items can be dropped off or inquired about at the registration table.

See ya’ll Sunday! Thanks again everyone! It’s been great getting your emails of support and hearing from folks all of the country who are coming!