BYOBW 2019 is a GO!

  • It’s a typical chilly sunny day here in SF and on my day off I’m at the kitchen table tapping away at emails to SFPD and Rec and Park. The street closure permit hearing went smooth like buttah in December so one (of two) permits has been secured and potties and volunteer safety radios ordered toot sweet (oxford dictionary not urban dictionary usage of that term). Next up, hay bales and paying for allll the officers the city requires to make sure adult children on Big Wheels don’t get out of hand. Lulz.

    Much juggling will happen throughout the next few months and you, dear riders and participatater tots should know where we are with donations and details. Please DONATE if you are able as we are the usual few thousand greenbacks in need. See below.

    The amounts highlighted in green are current best estimates as I’m waiting to hear back or haven’t ordered yet. 

    And here’s the 411 on this year:
    When: April 21st 2019
    Time: Kids Only 3-4pm, Adult Children 4-6pm
    Where: Vermont St at 20th in beautiful Potrero Hill
    Rules: Plastic Wheels Only, Tape up your metal spokes / pegs. And it would be lovely if ya’ll could leave the rolling trash cans and office chairs at home.
    Read: Our Frequently Asked Questions
    Still have questions: Email

    Online registration should be open in April but you can always just show up day of and sign up. 

    Here’s that DONATE link again. Also, if you love rolling in the hay and want to volunteer, shoot us an email with Volunteer in the subject line. 

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