BYOBW 2015 IS ON!!!!

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    What’s that sound kids? It’s the sound of Big Wheels rolling! We are happy to report that all systems are go for Bring Your Own Big Wheel 2015. It’s the 15th year of this unique event, and we’re inviting you to join us in celebrating our quinceañera!

    Though we are about 2k short for hay bales, porto-potties and city mandated signage, we’ve managed to cobble together the dough for all the other costs and hope to break even with donations this year. As always, donations are welcome but never mandatory. The paypal button on our website is our pre-event vehicle for funding. Slide us some electronic green if you can. If everyone who shows up gave $5-10, we’d cover expenses for one year.

    NEW FOR 2015:

    FIRST AND MIDDLE HEATS FOR KIDS. We will add to the usual 1st lap for kids only by adding a 2nd run for kids only at 5pm, in the middle of the 4-6 racing time. We’ll need all of your cooperation to make this happen. That means clearing the street and being patient while the smaller humans have their second run.

    ABSOLUTELY NO METAL FRAMED TRIKES WILL BE ALLOWED to race with other racers, and nothing but plastic wheels will be allowed, period. These metal framed ‘drift’ trikes are a hazard. We will pull all metal trikes.This event is all about making a fool out of yourself on a child’s plastic wheeled toy, not accidentally slicing or impaling your fellow riders.

    NO METAL SPOKES, PEGS OR PIECES OF METAL STICKING OUT OF YOUR RIG. If you have metal spokes or pegs you will be asked to tape them up, which is a pain in the butt to do. Plan accordingly.

    This event is all about making a fool out of yourself on a child’s plastic wheeled toy, not accidentally slicing or impaling your fellow riders.

    Basic info about this event (also read our FAQ page):

    *Where and when is the event this year? The same place and time it always is: Easter Sunday, 4-6pm. REGISTER IN ADVANCE and LEAVE NO TRACE.

    *BYOBWs city permits mandate a NO SMOKING EVENT. We have to tell you that as well as post signs. There will be Park Rangers and SFPD on site.

    *ALCOHOL IS NOT ALLOWED. Drink at Dolores park, not at our event.

    *CLEAN UP: you riders sure are messy. we aren’t your mom. for all that is holy HELP PICK UP AFTER THE EVENT. We do not want your leftover anything. You trike carnage and snack detritus takes a long time to clean up. We’ve been doing it every year because we respect the gracious Potrero Hill neighborhood and treat it will old school SF pride. You should too.

    And finally:

    PLEASE KEEP YOUR BLABBING TO A MINIMUM. As silly and naive as it may seem we don’t want any press and we don’t want to be plastered on social media. The population of this event at this awesome location can’t grow any bigger so we hope you can help keep things on the down low so we can continue to have the event.

    See ya’ll Sunday, Sunday Sunday!


    The BYOBW Crew

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